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A coder, no longer

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I've decided that I do not want to be a programmer by profession, nor am I interested in any IT-related fields. Hence, while I've made a lot of friends here (and I mean that; you guys are generally really cool), I don't feel that my presence here is the best use of my time.

I wish everyone here the best, and I know that each of you will do very well in whatever it is you decide to do, be it programming, graphics, music, production, and (yes) even advertising. :P

Take care everyone,
Benjamin Heath
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Wait, did I read this correctly?!

That's what I thought too. Well, it's your choice, so best of luck to you.

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Whoa!!! *rubs eyes*

That thought has crossed my mind once before, but then I just slapped myself and made a game.

Well anyways, I hope you enjoy your new life [smile].

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Just do what I do, and lurk around as a hobbyist. I made the same decision years ago (to not do any of this professionally), but I still do it in my spare time.

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