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As part of my dissertation (psychoboy) I submitted a poster for the poster afternoon my uni had on tuesday. Anyway, yesterday I had an email from the dissertations coordinator asking to use the poster for marketing (for open days etc) as it was particularly good! Ain't dat good? I'm all chufty now. See my amazing poster

Also, if you have a gameboy advance (SP, natch) play gradius advance, it's the best game ever to be played on a train. I completed it yesterday. though in some places it is so difficult it make you want to gnaw your own arm off.
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Very nice!

Just of curiosity, did you use the Anim8or file format for your models, or did you export it as a different type?

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I exported the models as a c source file containing arrays of all the vertexs, lighting, materials etc and then display them using some source code from the anim8or website. It's not very professional (hardcoded nastiness) but I was finding it a real struggle to load a 3D file format correctly into the game.

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I tried to make a 3DS loader for OpenGL once. Suffice to say, it was an hour later and I had already given up...

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Sounds familiar, I tried to load a 3DS object using someone else's code, worked fine for their sample file but any other 3DS file would look horribly messed up.

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Where did you find the source code for using anim8or .c files? I can't seem to find it on their website.

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