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!!!US HISTORY BLOES!!! (bubbles)

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Ok, I'm fine now. Sorry, had to relieve some stres\s. I have approximately 4 hours left to write down "useful" US history facts on 50 more index cards!!L!LJKLJKKL!LJK!LKL!LKLJK!LJK!JKL!LJKJKL!KLJ!H!JJKHJK!U!U:)?F84?
(I've done 68 already)

My hands are trembling due to lack of energy, I've broken my backspace key due to the many typos in this post, and because I am running purely on unharnessable adrenaline, I cannot control the outbursts. (I'm sure some of you know the feeling)

I haven't had any sleep since this morning (actually, yesterday)
I have no food, no water, and only a maple leaf as my shelter.


Who cares about Calvin Coolige anywayyyYYYYY!!~Y:Y~:YY~:YY~Y~YYYYY~YY~Y~~Y~YLLKJKL:JKJL:JKL#LLJKL

(actually I love US history, just not under these circumstancesSSDKLK`LSLLK\S!DL#LJD1KSD!SD)
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