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For my OpenGL asteroids game, I think I'm going to make some simple 3d models. My current modeling program is Anim8or, which is a very good modeling program. I've been having a problem finding a way to load an Anim8or file. Patbert suggested loading it from a .cpp source file, and provided a class he had written for Psycho Boy 3D. Although this is a good and easy solution to the problem, I have found that loading from the .obj format might be a better idea. If you look at a .obj file with notepad, you'll see that it has a very simple structure. So, my current objective is to make a .obj loader.
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Anim8or does rock to the max extreme style. Saving as a .obj will be a lot more professional, especially as compile time for the whole project with models saved as .c was getting a bit annoying.

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