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No Time, No Job

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Rob Loach


Being unemployed is worse that I thought. With school finishing for the summer, I'm out sending resumes to, well, everywhere. The odd contract job is my source of income at the momment and need a full time thing soon. I've been sending my resume out but noone is responding. I might just have to settle for some grunt work soon. Damn, this is depressing. Also, with all of these resumes and (nicely written [smile]) cover letters going out, I haven't had any time to do even the smallest amount of work on my personal projects. Anyone have any recommendations for places to apply? I've had numerous recommendations for the pornography industry, but that's sadly out of the question.

In other news, it's so nice outside. Go have a drink on your balcony, right now. I command you.

Random Interest

Big Plastic Balls
I knew that would get your attention.
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I don't have a balcony and I am to young to drink. Therefore I DISOBEY YOU!!!

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Go have a drink on your balcony, right now. I command you.
Good idea! Just one? Seriously though...greatidea. I'm gone.

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Just watched episode 131, cant wait for the next one. These cliffhangers are too much...

The hokage fight gets stuck for a while Dont mind that.[grin]

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