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So, I started my new job. Everything is going great; I've learned SQL in record time, and I already know C++ like the back of my hand...

So I load up the project... and it loads VC6.



*dives dramatically in slow motion*


The good news is that we don't use templates here, so that's the #1 problem I had with VC6.


I decided to go buy a 1gb USB flash keychain thing, in order to transfer files and crap. I went to CompUSA and they want $100 for it. Uhm, no, I don't think so. So I go to Best Buy, thinking they'll have a better price. $110. Okay, maybe K-mart; they usually have cheaper electronics. Well, they apparently don't even carry high-end electronics anymore.

So I gave up, came home, and found the same exact model online at newegg for $70, with free shipping. Since NYS has 8.25% tax, I would have payed at least $38.25 more for the damned thing if I bought it at CompUSA.

Caveat Emptor.
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I just recently had to switch away from VC6. I felt like I was losing an old friend.

But the lack of partial template specialization was a real killer, plus I was really sick of getting ten million warnings whenever I compiled something using STL maps in debug mode.

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Fifteen yard penalty for TurnipBoy actually writing something related to development in his developer journal.

Don't let it happen again.

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