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Okay... so on friday is my ensemble's performance final (ensemble == band). One of the memebers emailed me on sunday saying:

what da deal y'all?? we needz tha skinni 411 on the monday schezzle fo shezzle. aaaight? word

Since on Monday school is cancelled for the Boston Marathon, I had thought that he was asking if we had school or not on Monday. I didn't reply because frankly I don't know him too well and didn't understand what the hell he was trying to say...

So this morning at 6:00am I get this email:

tuesday is today. today is tuesday. let's meet today from 8-10.

Now, keeping in mind that usually when we practice it is later in the day, so I assume that he is talking about 8-10pm. Now, lets also keep in mind that I live and hour and fifteen minutes from school. I get there at five before 8pm and no one is there. I wait for another fifteen minutes, and then head down to the other room where we sometimes practice. Not there either. Head to the other one, wait until 8:45. No one there. At 9:00 I check both rooms again and head home.

So now I'm mad for two reasons. 1) We have a performance on FRIDAY!!! 2) I went into the city, wasted three and half hours and $2.50.

So all in all I am MAD.

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How old is that guy? Those eMails could have been written by thirteen year old AOL users.

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