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Lost My Visa Card adsadsalsdl

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Snap. Lost my visa card, must cancel it. Subscription will end before I can get new number, have a number memorized I believe is on the card. Will Try that.

Have important bill to pay by phone, will use GDNET as a test to see if number I have memorized is correct, else will call for an extension.

1.) Cancel GDNET
2.) Reorder GDNET using nuumber I believe it to be
3.) If it works, excellent*, if not [sad] must wait
4.) New card arrives, cancel GDNET if (3) else (5)
5.) ReOrder GDNET and if(3) end up having donated a bit to GDNet. [grin]

*Pay important bill


(3) Returned False: Error - Security Code Invalid. Grrrrrr, Remembered a 16 digit number simply to forget a measly 3 digit one.
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GDNet takes PayPal, and all you need for that is a normal bank account. Do it.

Oh, I just watched episode 63 or something in Naruto. He just be Neij and the shadow guy faught the wind girl....

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The time requiered for a debit to be processed is longer than it will take to recieve new card. Looks like Im gonna miss the boat by a few days. Shame.

Whoah, thats an old episode! Im at episode 130 or something...things get super really interesting...

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