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A possible first...

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I ment to post this yesterday, but owing to problems with my linux box and a general apathy when it broke at 2am I didnt get around to it, so i figure, while I've got a few minutes I'll post what I ment to yesterday [smile]

I think I've pulled of a 'first' with the Source engine, at least I dont know of anyone else whos done it, and thats add a vehicle with 6 wheels to the engine [grin]

I'm pretty damned happy about it in fact, it works perfectly (even if Valve did point out they hadnt tested the physics code with more than 4 wheels, heh) and in theory it could be adapted to dynamically handle any number of axels, however the engine its self has a hardcoded limit of 4 axels (8 wheels) and right now we only need 3/6 so its good enuff [smile]

Its not often you get todo what could be a first, so i'm pretty happy about this. However, I cant rest there, tonights project is to get a VTOL in the engine. I've got some ideas, by crossing a vechical with the flying NPC code (for example, the flying thing with the big gun which chases you as you are using the speed boat and the buggy) it should all fall into place, if not tonight then certainly by the end of this week.

I'm hoping it'll work by the end of tonight, as I want to get something else underway by this weekend.

As much as I like fiddling to make my own stuff (see the last two entries) there is alot to be said for modding an existing engine and I'm having fun working with Source [smile]
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