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Entering buildings works!

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In the last 2 or 3 days, in betwen wasting my time on the Lounge :D, I wrote the code that allows you to enter (and exit) the buildings that are dynamically added. Since the buildings are actually different independent modules that might or might not reside on the same map, this wasn't really easy. Not very complicated either, but took some planing.
Anyway, the code is ALMOST done (it doesn't take into account the rotation of the buildings), and, amazingly, even though it was abut 50 lines long, it worked in the first try! No cursings, no debugging! I think it's the first time in my life when something like that happens. of course, there might be some sort of latent bug that I won't discover until the game is full of users, and it will manifest tiself into existence at the worst possible time :D
Until then, there are some bugs with the client not saving/loading the map properly, so sometimes it crashes when started (a solution is to delete the map, so it will get it new from the server). I will wait for Wytter or Sadez to fix this problem, when they will have some time.
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This god damn Internet is a huge distraction

wasting my time on the Lounge


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I've been lacking discipline a lot lately as well...

Must be an epidemic.

I say we quarantine everybody.

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Somehow, discipline always disappears when faced with an annoying task like writing 5k lines in XML. Then, if I'm quarantined, what will I do... rewrite bash in python? Scary thought.

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