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Sound and Clouds...

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Okay, I have got the SoundCache done... it works great, but I feel that it requires too much from the scripting as far as memory management. Once a sound file is loaded it is not unloaded until told to by the program. There is not an automatic unloader. So I'll have to take care with loading music.

Maybe by having only two sound loops that can be used as backgound music will make it less likely to gobble up memory, but sound effects are what really concern me. Maybe also have a limit on maximum cached sound effects also?

Does anybody know how long it takes to get a patent?

I was really quite unaprooving of today's weather... it was overcast and 75 degrees outside. Quite the difference from 40-50 degrees that we had been getting. But the real bummer is that being cloudy I could not take my moon pictures...

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So you did read my comment about adding a maximum of cached soundfiles manager? Hah!

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