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I am a fan of the Sonic series. Alot of them are great games, and some of them aren't *cough*Sonic Shuffle*cough*. The Sonic series is good because of genius level design and an emphasise on speed. Lately though, Sonic Team has been trying to use gimmicks to enhance gameplay. Sonic Heroes used the team play gimmick which didn't work well at all. And now, I go to IGN and see this:

I hope I'm not the only one who gets dizzy looking at this picture. Apparently, they are trying to make the game more "edgy" and appeal to an older audience. In case you haven't realized it by now, "edgy" means that the developer is too lazy to make a solid game, so they have to add some gimmick to make it seem better. Let's face it, a game about a hedgehog who runs at the speed of sound will never be edgy. I wish the console developers would take a cue from the Sonic advance series, which is excellent, and try to translate that onto a console.
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Hmm, I'm dubious of the IGN preview: "I didn't see any enemies but I bet they're SUPER AMAZING!"

Also, VG Cats are great.

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