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To Linux and beyond!

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So, having fixed my linux box recent so it works again and generally got stuff sorted on it I've moved a bit closer to writing the linux port of my opengl windowing framework (oddly enuff called opengl windowing framework), I'm just praying the code::blocks is a bit easier to work with and less annoying than Anjuta was which cheesed me off within about 20second of starting to use it. Linux REALLY needs a VS.Net type IDE and soon.

I also started to recode the vehicle physics stuff for HL2 and quickly realised that due to how the code was layed out it was going to be too annoying to do for such a small benfit that I stopped [grin], hopefully tomorrow I'll make some progress on making stuff fly about as owing to linux fiddling time today I havent managed to really get going with it.

I've also come up with what, right now, I think is a pretty swish way to provide a method of letting the end user handle window events (the biggest problem right now is that while useable the system requires new functions to be added to the window class, hardly very dynamic or practical) in version 2.0 of OGLWFW via a boost::thread like functor system. The basic idea looks sound so once i've got a stable linux port complete I might start work on rejiggling it all for version 2.0 [smile]
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