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Sharing My Feelings.

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I figured I would write a post in my journal that shared what I'm feeling.


I'm done now.


Now in all seriousness: I will tell you that I go to a psychologist. No, not a psychiatrist, a psychologist. Thus far, I've learned that I have a severe fear of feeling stupid (which happens a lot in life), and this coupled with an inability to act on something until I've completely "figured it out" paralizes me. Except for a crisis. I deal quite well in a crisis, simply because I don't have time to overthink about it, because reaction is needed RIGHT NOW.

Some of the things I fear:

Starting a conversation with someone I don't know. This is perhaps the biggest one, as it also tends to prevent me from calling the electric company or phone company or whatever. Oddly, sometimes I CAN start conversations with people, but I have to feel "safe".

Driving. I did not get my driver's license until about a year ago. I am now 30 years old. Nor did I drive a car until last year. Silly, huh?

Anyway, I figured I'd share. I imagine a number of you out there have some of the same anxieties that I do, and I just wanted to encourage you to try to overcome them. If you have to see a professional to help you, then do it.
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Your problems are obvious.

  • I am The Man
  • You are not The Man
  • Therefore you envy me and live vicariously through me

You now owe me $95. I take paypal. Feel free to split the cost with Ron Penton, as he suffers from the same affliction and I intend to tell him so.

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Thanks kindof funny....I have the same anxieties. Even if I am talking about things I know about...I always feel like I will say something stupid. I wont talk to people I dont know(afraid of looking stupid). I always feel uncomfortable driving because of the fear of making mistakes(especialy with friends in the car I feel like i am being judged lol). It is too late...I bet ur wondering why I dont have a fear of making spelling errors.

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