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I broke my chair today, and went ass over tea-kettle onto the floor. It was very embarassing. Good thing nobody was around to see.

evolutional's got me switched over to using Code::Blocks, and I've got to say that so far it's pretty cool. It's a trifle buggy, and I've had some stability issues, but switching off code completion seems to fix most of it. It handles some things, such as weird directory tree structures, more elegantly than Anjuta or KDevelop, and doesn't have that unnatural dependence on automake and friends that drives me so crazy.

I'm also learning the ins and outs of using GameMonkey script, alongside evolutional's gmBind stuff. So far, it's pretty simple, once I got the basics of it figured out. I'm doing a trifle more work than I was doing to export stuff to Lua using tolua, but I've also found some more elegant solutions to a few things that bugged me about using tolua with Lua. I'll want to work with GM some more, but so far it seems pretty decent.

Other than that, not much going on. Just wanted to post to keep this thing from sliding off the page. [grin]
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I haven't really had the chance to truly try out Code::Blocks yet, nor have I played much with GameMonkey. They're now on the endless to-do list.

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Other than that, not much going on. Just wanted to post to keep this thing from sliding off the page.

Did you happen to catch what I pulled before it was editted by an anonymous person of authority? [wink]

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Be aware that I'm working on a replacement to overcome the architectural issues with the current gmBind

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I tried fiddling with the code completion options in code::blocks last night, it kinda locked up the whole IDE.. which was.. fun [rolleyes]... i'm starting to wonder however if it was down to a permissions problem [grin]

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