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Power Kiting

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Whoo hoo! New video! [grin]

I realized on Thursday that I had enough footage to finally put together a short peice on power kiting. I love the looks I get when I tell people I like to go to the beach to fly my kite. Makes me crack up, because they never realize exactly what I mean, and I usually don't tell them either. Let them picture me pulling on the string of a whimpy little diamond kite with a bow-knotted tail. The joke's on them!

This film consists of only three videos of footage I have. One is from last summer down in Belmar, and the other two are from two years ago (I think - somewhere thereabouts) at Sandy Hook during that hurricane that brushed past the east coast. The Belmar fly was done in an average 10mph wind with gusts upwards of 20mph. Gusty winds suck for flying, but we made do that day. Got some good crashes outta that tho. The Sandy Hook fly had me going at it in winds upwards of 30mph. My kite is prob the biggest land kite you could have flown in that wind without killing yourself. If you watch the footage closely, you can spot a much larger kite in the background - that's a kite surfer out in the bay. I remember it took a while for me to work up the nerve to even lift the kite off the ground in those winds, which were by far the highest I had ever flown in to date (this date as well as that date). I got the kite up tho and it passed my litmus test for safe flying - the kite didn't loft me while hovering overhead, nor overfly the overhead position. After that it was ON! [smile]

This video mainly features me, but also two of my friends. It's just traction - no buggies, skates, land boards, or any of that. You'll see a couple of different jumps from me - normal hops, heel highs, boomerangs, spins and leg flares. yea I coined pretty much all those jump names - try matching them to the trick. Also got some nice crashes.

So enjoy this little video, my second production. If you haven't noticed, I've started copyrighting these videos as Blade Edge Productions. Yep, taking the Blade Edge name to a new level - now it's just Blade Edge with divisions Sotware and Productions. Which will make me money first? :P The race is on...

Anyways, without further adeu...

Power Kiting (5:50)

This will be my last project in Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker is a great app, but I need to graduate to Premier so I can tackle larger projects in the future (like my Star Wars fan film). Movie Maker has definetly helped tho in working out my editing style/technique - it's easier to focus on the "big-picture" editing in MM, while in Premier I was getting lost in all its buttons, dials, doohickies and thingamabobs. Also, I want to upload my videos to Google Video, but they say in their FAQ that formats other than MPEG 2/4 will have a lesser chance of being accepted. And since MM only outputs to WMV of course...

On that note if anyone has a WMV to AVI/MPEG converter and can convert this movie and my Batman movie for me, I'd really appreciate it. I don't want to buy one just to convert two little movies. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes if you have broadband and a fast computer. Ratings++?? Hey it worked before... [grin]

Coming Soon...

Blade Edge Productions is on a roll! I'm not stopping until I start programming again soon, and then things will get interesting :P My next project is already half filmed - me and some of my friends at the gym go crazy and jump off everything in sight - ceiling, 2nd floor balcony, wall girders... in a variety of ways. Filming should wrap this Tuesday, hopefully I'll have the film out by the weekend, barring any troubles with Premier.

Till then!
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Whoops, heh - thx for teh catch Rob - missed a slash. Yea that jump is indeed the coolest - I love how it synched so well with the music - totally unintentional but it definitely worked out [smile]

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nice video man! what kind of kite were you flying on that 30mph day? those were some sick jumps man.

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