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Motion blur effects and Dr. Who coolness

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One of those sort of random days today.

After much thinking for the last few days about ways to do opengl motion blur, I tried to implement it today.

My first thought was to use glCopyPixels to copy from the front to the back buffer, and use a blender.

Unfortunately, glCopyPixels copies pixels at a glacial speed (from 100FPS to 0.1 FPS or something). Therefore that approach was quickly abandoned.

Funny, loads of people had said "don't use glCopyPixels, it's too slow". I didn't believe them. They actually turned out to be right!

Anyway, got it working, a different combination of creating textures from the front buffer and drawing them blended. Uses lots of texture memory, but the effect is fast and cool looking.

Speaking to people on IRC, I realised there was no web page containing my games, so I made one here.

Finally I almost missed Dr. Who this evening - cool episode, with things exploding and everything. And quite a comedy.

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Welcome to the gang! I like your side scroller game, very impressive for just 2 days. I still haven't got into pixel effects yet, I'm still trying to make my first fire effect in ogl. It's good to see Dr.Who still doing the silly storylines [smile].

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Is that the new Dr. Who? I'm going to watch it for the first time this week simply because it has a Dalek in. Daleks = ownage.

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