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If there's a place you wanna go, I'm the one you n

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If you're not yet set up on the Gamedev map, head over there. We added a couple of things you need to change in your profile if you want to show up on the map, so I don't think you'll just show up automatically.

I'm saying this because we've got a really cool feature on its way, and you'll need your location set up to use it.

So go and set yourself up now.

Ahh, the life of a product reviewer. I just sent a CD-ROM to London so that I can get a product review just right. You see, I'm not just someone who skims the product, reads other reviews, and then posts something similar. I really try to wring out the features of a product, and I'm often in communication with the developers to make sure the product's been given the proper once-over. In this case, it's a media-browsing product. I found a couple of bugs, and they want all of the files that I used to find 'em, so I had to burn a CD to send to London.

Just wanted you to appreciate the work I put into this stuff. Bask in the glory that is me.
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* Mushu basks in the glory. AH! The sweet taste of glory! It reminds him of the dew-filled morning sent which awaited him as he walked through a flowry-field arm-in-arm with a beautiful woman, alone in paradise. And then there was a segfault and everything went blue, the CPU fizzled and the HD literally fell apart. Forever more everything that he had loved so dearly was gone [sad]

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