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X and drugs and rock and roll!

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Let it be known that X is the most annoying pos I've ever had the displeasure to code using.

I've started some serious work on the Linux/X port of the OGLWFW, I've managed to get device mode detection, OpenGL mode detection and a huge track of the windowing code done in the last 3 or so hours, but sweet lord some of that stuff is annoying to work with.

To make matters worse, it creates OpenGL windows backwards, so you make all the context and visuals and stuff first then the window and kinda glue 'em together, but I think I've managed to hack around that.

I'm infact coding it all up on windows as I cant find a Linux IDE I can get on with for more than 2mins without me wanting to kill it or it locking up due to some instabilty. Once its all written I'll compile and debug it but until then I'll work blind, its infact less work [smile]

On the upside, it appears my inital design is infact flexible enough to deal with the differences with only minor issues (such as having to open the X display in the Display manager and set it via a wininfo struct for each window) and even the X event model can be handled by it, which was my biggest worry.

I'm knocking it on the head for tonight, 3h of NIN and fighting with X is plenty for me [wink]
With any luck I should be able to get it sorted next weekend for the first tests [smile]
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If you can get the OGLWFW working on Linux I would definatly use it.

Anywho about Linux IDEs I totally agree and recommend just using a text editor like Scite and a makefile. After using Linux for a few months I realized somethings, Linux programmers use text editors and the command line not because it's more "powerful" then an IDE, it's because Linux IDEs SUCK! Though Codeblocks might be good for Linux since it works fine for me on Windows I can't seem to get it to install on Linux (though I blame that on me).

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yay! Another customer [wink]

Code::blocks is the best of a bad bunch, while I managed to install it with no problems its got two problems I've found with the current version;

1 - Code completion causes things to explode and die
2 - no cursor when typing in the code editor

I've not got to the point of having something to compile and/or test yet so other things could also be set to explode on me [grin]

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I commend you for porting to Linux. I played around with the whole window/device creation once, and quickly used SDL for the project! good luck with it though. sounds like your doing well with it!

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cheers, I'm hoping I can get an OS X port of it as well (and maybe some other OS's with C++ and OpenGL on them), but thats a problem for the future (chances are I'll blind code it and then get some one who knows what they are doing to kick it into working for me... unless someone wants to buy me an iMac or iBook [grin])

and I dont blame you for bailing on the window creation stuff *shudders*

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I'm basically doing much of the same of this. However, I'm using GLFW as a guideline. Basically copy-pasting that, checking if it works, and then refactoring it to my tastes.

I'll be sure to keep checking here, as I have the same problem with getting it to work on OS X, ie no Mac.

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