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The Ascension

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Ok, that's rather annoying, I hate it when you spend ample amount of time writing a rather long post, and then, when you go to post it, BAM.. your suddenly logged out, or it doesn't get processed for some reason. Such is the essence of the universe I suppose, impermanence.

At any rate, my previous attempt at posting was introduction of myself, past, present and future, and consisted of quite a bit of writing. I guess it's kind of necessary, so I'll do it again, I generrally try to remember to copy my entries to the clip board before trying to submit them, but occasionally I forget to do so, and this is the result. Moving on..

I'm a twenty two year old writer and programmer who has been studying game design and programming independently for the last two years and eight months. In my first year I was learing VB as was the course outline that I was taking at a local trade school at the time. At that point I developed a text game demo with an interesting interface, and some original art work that was submitted by a great artist I was working with at the time. The game was based on a novel that I wrote as well and was called Chaos: The Illuminated ~Devastation.

In my second year, I created the foundation for an interactive narrative system. The core concepts being emmerging game play and a unique experience for each player, as well as realistic agents. This meaning NPC's would exist indepent of player stastis but the entire game world would respond yo Player interaction, as well as it's own entities objectives. I created a short demo with this as well in C++. Unfortunately the demo doesn't incorporate the use of the underlyging frame work, but is more of a simple example of the text parser I created and shows but a small amount of the game world. The game itself is intended for a mature audience, and is based on the concept of a young man in pursuit of some 50 ladies. The game world is a paridy of the town I currently reside in as well. This project is planned to continue and the frame work incorporated into a 3D engine. It's currently on the back burner however. The Project is Titled Conquest For Love, or C.F.L.

If you're interested in playing the text game C.F.L. you can find a copy of it at the link below. You must be over 17 years of age, and if you find graphic words, and or sexual situations offensive, please, do not play the game. Most of it is in good taste, however some of it is not. THis requires a Windows OS of 95 or greater, and is a simple console program.


Currently, I am working on a 2D game Engine and Editing Suite for a small production company I am apart of. This project is named Phoenix, and more information will be made available as soon as the Admin gets our servers back up. There are plans to release this software as open source in the future. The project just recently began production, after being in pre-production for approximately three months. Back too reading...
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