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Virtual Reality

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These last 2 weeks have been pretty tough due to a deadline at work (VRcontext, a virtual reality company), but it's now over. I've created with 2 other developers a presentation (non interactive video) of an offshore platform incident. To generate it we've made a real-time demo which we then recorded at a constant framerate (24 fps). Some screens of this video can be seen here (click to view in full size):

On the tech side, i've implemented the scripts and the lighting effects (there's around 125 per-pixel omni lights in that scene), plus some special fx (lightning, 3D sound, shaders, etc.. ). We are pretty happy of the result, although the code is dirty f-ugly. But heh, when you've got deadlines, you've got no time to make nice code. Now that the stress is over, we'll take some time to clean a few things up.

Some features:
- everything is animated (sea, clouds, lighting, wheather, day/night cycle, crane, helicopter, boat moving with waves, etc..)
- shadow maps + per-pixel lighting, but no normal mapping :(
- procedural sea animated with noise (similar to the Gamasutra article).
- reflections, refractions, underwater effects (not shown here)
- 3D sound using OpenAL
- runs at 15-20 fps on a Radeon 9600/9700, bottleneck is in shading/fillrate

My space engine hasn't advanced much since the last time. I've been experimenting with input/output completion ports under Windows. Looking good so far.
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I've always been interested in making VR applications, but it is still beyond my scope for now.

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Thanks. I'd happily link to the video but it's too big (50 Mb) and i do not have enough free webspace :(

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nice pictures.
Althought they sounds to be a bit too 'artificial'
But I guesses it was wanted as it is clearly not the goal here. platform.
(Or maybe adding noise & rust is not this easy after all, this is not my field after all)


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