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Tileset loaders make me want to sing!!!

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The Forgotten Mindset


Yay! I made a snappydoo tileset loader! Basically, you divide your tileset into little colored rectangles (1 pixel borders). Then you put each of your tiles into each individual rectangle. Then you colorize your rectanges according to your defined control colors. At the top right corner of the tileset you place several colored pixels to define these control colors. Inside the little rectangles, you use these colors to define the horizontal and vertical pixel inclusions, the transparent bg color, and the horizontal and vertical anchor point for each one.

Ok thats a pretty rough description, but if you've read the old Isometric Game Programming book, you know what I'm talking about (TANSTAAFL surely does).

Oh, and I checked out the cool new GD Member Map! I didn't think they would make it this fast! Ah, a grassroots movement wins! (a thread was started a while ago about making one)

Check out my pad! Its where all the cool cats live.

<-<*#@#*#SNAPPYDOO IS A COOL WORD!#*#@#*>->
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It is coming! I was going to wait until I had some environments, but if you really wanna see something then I'll post our sprite images.

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