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Some more fire

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Hooray! Got a nice looking fire effect now.

I used an index colour array so colour 150 is yellow instead of medium red. The flames still aren't that well defined (too blurry) and the code would make baby jesus cry but otherwise I'm pleased. Have a look at it in action.

edit: use up/down arrow key to change fireosity.
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Doesn't that look much more realistic than the screen you posted? You should, by default, have the fireosity level much higher, and you need to have it fade to black over time so that the whole screen isn't red. Then it'll look hot. And we're talking like fiery hot, not just OGL sexy hot (blasphemy on my part, I'm a DX pimp).

But yeah. Rawr.

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Nice, fire generators are awesome. One thing though, shouldn't the fire be white in the centre and fade to yellow, then red? I made one here, but its in SDL so it kinda sucks [grin]

Edit: Pictar, if anyone cares:

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Wow, that's an excellent fire demo. What method did you use to make the burning city fire? Anyway, you're right about the colours, here it is with the proper order (without the fading)

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The palette makes a major difference, I think that's the hardest part to making this fire effect more convincing.

The city fire is basically lots of little randomly generated fire spawns close together, rather than one big one (which results in the single flame effect lower down.)

I wrote it a while back but I think my fire is based on this or some similar tutorial, but I don't know how relevant it is to your effect because its specific to 2d.

How does your effect work btw?

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Cool. I'll check out that tutorial. I used this article to start off with, I seeded the fire with a line of pixels at the bottom split into 5 pixels each which randomly became brighter/darker. Then I just used a color index array ([width][height][3]) for the pallette. It's all 2D, I'm not yet sure what to use it for, probably a main menu effect or background for the game I'm working on, psycho boy 3d.

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