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Climbing the ladder

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Myopic Rhino


Yesterday, I had a meeting with my manager to go over my review feedback for the past six month period. I'm happy to say that I was promoted from Senior to Staff Engineer, with a healthy raise and bonus to go along with it. Yay me.

Anyway, as a few of you might know, Saturday I got back from a week-long bike trip across California. I'll be posting a summary of it soon. It was an amazing experience.
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don't forget the pictars! Especially the one of the aftermath where your bike flipped over a rock in the trail and sent you tumbling down a slope into some brush...

Oh wait I wasn't supposed to mention that was I? [looksaround]

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hey well done on your promotion! Just thought I would leave a note to say thanks for that blender article too - really looking forward to the next part!

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