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Music, it is a constant inspiration for me. While working, or durring liesure time, it seems music is always around. Recently, and for about the past year or so, while I'm working, I like to listen to game music. I have my own collection, but also find myself constantly listening to RPG Radio which constantly streams music from good ole RPG's 24 hours a day. I just thought that I would tell the world of the wonders, that such a place exists. It's a great place to get that RPG Music fix. Share the wealth, that's what I always say gov'ner.

I'm currious what everyone else out there is listening too these days as well.

I work in an Italian Restuarant as my day job. I haven't been yet today, but last night our computer system crashed. It's still down today, was the verdict when I called about an hour ago. On a given day, we probably deal with 2,000 to 3,000 guests. On a Tuesday, it's generally more. It's an interesting plot I think. Going back into a dark age, it should make for a fun filled night anyways. All the registers are a part of the comp. system, so we're having to take orders, and update inventory by hand, a real pain in the ass. Just imagine if the entire world had to do that for one day. There'd be a lot of ticked off people. I guess it's a good reason to keep up on your survival math, and not rely completely on our non-intelligent conter parts, too much. But then again, what would all the computers do, if we suddenly all failed??? Makes you think.. of stuff.. yep.
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