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ENtry #who cares

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  • Random Observation of the Day!
    No one really reads this, so I can say whatever I want and be right.

Ninjas > *
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The recent war that we had in a certain place proved that Pirates are superior.

We kicked your ninja asses.

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Okay, just a thought... '*' implies 'everything' correct? If this is so Ninjas would be included in '*'

So really it should be: 'Ninjas > !Ninjas' right? Or maybe 'Ninjas > (* - Ninjas)'

But I agree that Pirates are better. YAR!

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Niener niener I can catch up easy. Note the giant holes of no-posting in April+March. I let you catch up, simply because Ninjas > Zombies is a given, and you need the extra help.

Prepare to be pwned.

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