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What are people's ideas about actually studying versus cramming before tests? I find that I do a combination of the two; depending on the course.

I can usually cram quite well on things like history, math, and written stuff, but things like playing music I can't (for hopefully obvious reasons).

I'm headed back to Oregon on May 8, and there I will be stuck on 56k :( I'm looking to get a high speed connection, but because the house is out in the boonies it is not probable that I'll be able to get it.

I should still be able to do my updates though, so don't worry [smile]
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Never cram before math. Like my math prof says, it's like running a mini-marathon before you run the full thing.

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Well, I cram before Math but I'm still going to school, so it isn't that hard yet. ;-)
It happend that I didn't know anything about the stuff we were doing the day before the test. I got a good mark but I dont't recommend this behavior!

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