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I am disappointed

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But not in TANSTAAFL. Happy wedding to him.
I am disappointed in RealArcade. I finally bit the bullet and submitted Duck Tiles to 'em. When I met with 'em in the GDC, they went on and on about their review process and how good it'd be to at least have my game reviewed by industry bigwigs. They said I'd have nothing to lose, because at worst I'd get some good constructive criticism on my game. So I bit and filled out all of their stuff. Less than 24 hours later, this is what I got. . .

Hello John,

Thank you for uploading Duck Tiles to us for review. Unfortunately, games based heavily on logic do not resonate well with our audience. Games that feature more puzzle-action (Jewel Quest), light action (Charm Tale) and word (WordSlinger) gameplay tend to be more successful in our service. We are declining distribution of the game at this time, but we still encourage you to submit games to us for review.

If you are interested in what is most popular with our audience, please visit our current weekly top ten list via the link below. These are the best examples of the type of gameplay, production quality and overall implementation our audience looks for when downloading and purchasing games.


Feel free to let me know if you have any comments or questions about our service.

Wow, what a well thought out and robust review there. Somehow I think they promised a bit more than "Not our cup of tea. Sorry!"

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So basically... "Our audience is too stupid to play that game, make it go click-splode"

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Perhaps you should ask them what category AirStrike 2: Gulf Thunder fits in. Somehow, I don't think it has many puzzle or word qualities to it; and it seems to involve more than a bit "light action".

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"*WE* are too stupid to play your game, and thus cannot possibly let our audience play it, as they would probably be better at it than us, and we would be ashamed and have to go and hang ourselves."

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F@ck that! Duck Tiles RULES!!!! Way better than Dinner Dash and probably half the crap they have up there. Sucks they didn't give some honest feedback. Basically they want you to dumb down the game a bit so it matches their style.

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Reminds me of a Barbie toy that came out a few years ago. Barbie was a teacher, and you could push a button to hear Barbie say "Math is hard!"

The Floozy!

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Reminds me of a Barbie toy that came out a few years ago. Barbie was a teacher, and you could push a button to hear Barbie say "Math is hard!"
I remember that. This whole thing does seem to have that feel, but that's where I have a problem. My 10 year old son just got to level 24 on Duck Tiles and he cant stop playing it. Duck Tiles isn't comparable to math or anything seemingly hard. It is a very fun, charming, and addicting game. Also it is well made and runs on nearly any system. Kids love the dancing ducks and the bubble popping sounds!! I think the people who rejected Duck Tiles need to rethink their decision. John's game isn't calculus it's just fun. They're probably not just looking for fun games, rather, I think they're looking for trendy teen gimmicks. I bet if John remade the game with skateboarders and concrete bricks while Blink 182 played in the background they'd get all hard for it. It's not content...It's image.

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We have to consider the source.

This is Real saying your game is too hard for them.

These people are the intellectual equivalent of a blender. Unplugged.

Duck Tiles is great.

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