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A swish day indeed...

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Today has been a pretty good day [smile]

The biggest news is that I got an email from Dave today saying he had picked me to write the GLSL section for the up and coming book "More OpenGL Game Programming", to say I'm happy and excited at this chance is an understatement, my CV is sorely lacking in things I can point at and say 'look how good I am!!' so something like this will be a major boost for me and who knows, it might be able to lead onto bigger and better things.

Today I also completed part of my fight with Code::Blocks and CVS and managed to get my framework to compile, not without a few behind the scenes changes (which wont effect the public side of things) to allow for the differences between Win32 and X. When the great redesign takes place everything I've learnt about the process will be taken into account and version 2.0 should be alot more robust and flexible than than current version.
But first, I need to stablise the current version, to that end I still need to;
- Debug the framework in linux as my simple test app died a Seg. fault death
- Work out why it doesnt work with Intel based graphic chips (this is an odd one)

Once those two major problems have been fixed and its tested as stable I think I'll be able to confirm the 1.0 series complete as far as Linux/Win32 is concerned and move on to working on version 2.0 (with an OS X port to come as and when I work out how I'm going todo it).

One other thing, as I ranted about in #gamedev, Code::Blocks really needs a way to start a new workspace, as currently I've got no bleeding idea how or even if its possible [sad]. As vertexnormal said, its still needs a little work and has gone mentalist at my test application, claiming I'm compiling multiple files when I'm not and not to mention the crashing when you click one of the compile buttons on the current beta [crying]. This is the reason why command line tools are so dominate on the Linux platform, the GUI stuff is just annoying and buggy *mutters and grumbles*
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