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In other news...

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So I spent like two hours today catching up on my journal reading. And I still didn't make it all the way through, I got through like 3/4 of all the journals updated since mine was last updated and then gave up. So many journals up now! I'll see if I can get back into the habit of checking them daily, going to be rough since Great Adventure starts this weekend, and we all know how that's gonna be.

By the way I just happened to notice today that I finally surpassed Mushu in journal views. So ha. Although Evo and TAN still have the lead on me. Forget Hattan, he had too much of a head start. I'd have to kidnap him and lock him away for a few years if I were to have any chance.

... on second thought that probably wouldn't work either. Oh well.

So hopefully my ViewSonic NextVision N5 TV Processor will arrive in the mail tomorrow. I picked it up for $101 total brand new off eBay. My best friend is a home theater installation specialist for 6th Ave. Electronics, and he's going to come over to help me splice the TV cable and run it up to my room. He's also picking me up a switch box for component A/V cables so I can hook both my GC and N64 up to the N5 for sweet console gaming at my desk. Ahhh... bliss.

He's also convinced me that I need a 42" plasma screen hung on my wall over the left arm of my L-desk. He said he could get me one for $1500. That's not too damn bad in my opinion. I'm already starting to save up so I can get it for myself for xmas [grin]. I'll also have to upgrade to the N6 if I do that - I'm checking eBay everyday for one to pop up at a decent price - I'd get it even if I don't have the plasma yet just for the PIP capability.

So yea... I guess that's it for now... I'm going to start programming more often in T2D for the time being, so no new videos for a while most likely since I have to get the hang of Premier in addition to programming more than editing. But never fear, Blade Edge Productions shall return at some point in the summer.

Oh yes, I've also realized I've forgotten my bookmark of the day feature. Silly me. Well, here's today's:

Bookmark of the Day

Mmmmm... Sushi...
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