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Spherical Retardedness Crushes My Soul

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Well I put together a little deformable radiance transfer sample and I'm quite depressed with the results. Extremely slow frame rates have plagued this implementation. I'm beginning to think that rendering animated models with spherical harmonic lighting, or any other ambient occlusion methods, may be a bit much for my FX5200. Oh well. I'm sick of this stuff anyway.

What good are techniques if you aren't making something interesting with them?

I'm thinking of putting together a little real time cinematic experience so I can play director for a while. It'll give me a chance to create some storyboards, animate models, and do some voice acting besides. Also it will be better for my creative side to write a little story and get away from these rotating arcball demos. Yuck!

My kid has a school musical tonight. Should be fun!
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Recommended Comments

1. Retardedness is patented. By me. SHOW ME THE MONEY

2. PRT for animated models is still in the research stage. What it's good for is that it allows further research, that could possibly move it into the realm of really usable. That said, I'm not sure a 5200 is any representation of gamer hardware. That card blows. Why don't you upload a demo somewhere for some people with mighty hardware (9800s, X800s, G6600s, ...etc) to test?

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That said, I'm not sure a 5200 is any representation of gamer hardware. That card blows.
Well it's what I got. I'd say it's still an average card for what normal people still have. Oh and I'm not trying to represent gamer hardware just have some fun with my own.

People have been calling me a retard for years. So if anything you owe me money. You pay up! I've got video tape from when I was 10 and my brother was calling me that.

I'm just going to sit on that deformable demo for now. It was a good introductory experience. But it did not differ greatly from the SDK sample so it would be worth nothing to post it.

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