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C# + Direct3D == Awesome

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Rob Loach


I was bored, so I decided to post in this thing as it has been a while. I finally tried out C# with Direct3D and it's damn awesome. I went through the first two official Microsoft Managed DirectX tutorials and this is the result:

Yes, it's a spinning triangle with a main menu and yes, it's going to some day turn into Pong. Until that time, I must continue to learn the craziness that is Direct3D. Any other recommended resources? I have numerous books on DirectX 7 implementation in C++ and one on DirectX 9 using C++, nothing on C#. I love the language though, it's so clean compared to C++. Oh, and the latest build of Blastoids has powerups for your ship (did I say that already?).

Other then that, I was fooling around with e107 and this is the result. I'm thinking of ditching rWeb and using e107 instead as it's just so much more powerful and has an amazing administration system. If you plan on checking e107 out yourself, make sure you get the CVS 0.7 as it's so much better then the 0.6 that's currently out. Any comments on how the new design compares to the original? I'm probably going to update it to the new system in about a month when I get the small bugs out of there as well as transfer over the rest of the content.

Well, that's it for now. Keep your hats on and don't trip the old ladies walking down the stairs.

Random Interest

The Prime Number Shitting Bear
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Recommended Comments

As for Direct3D learning resource: Please read the C++ documentation's "Programmer's Guide". All of it. Then read as much as you can of the "Programmer's Reference", also in C++, because it's of much higher quality than the managed ones (currently).

Also, make sure you read the DirectX forum faq before posting questions to the DirectX forum [smile].

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That bear is genius. I'm looking forward to the fibonacci sequence vomiting cat already.

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That bear is genius. I'm looking forward to the fibonacci sequence vomiting cat already.


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As always...I agree with Coder.

As for learning Direct3D...YEAH!!! [smile] Never used C# but I'm sure any managed language will be easier to learn with than C++. But hey learning to ride a bike is a lot easier and safer than flying a jet plane. See ya later. Zoooooooom!

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