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* Vanish *

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So I pulled out my flash powder and *poof* vanished for a little while. (sorry, wow reference there)...

That does not mean that I have spent every waking hour playing warcraft, although I have played some, my warrior is at lvl 56 and I'm pushing to get to 60 soon (and before my bro! the fool, he will never catch up!).

Anyway, I haven't been too busy at work, which is nice, except for most of this week when I was having the most annoying, most frustrating, enfuriating problem ever. Visual Studio was closing itself on me... no error message, no crash, nothing! it would just disappear, not even using "End Process" kills programs as fast as VS was disappearing, and of course, any unsaved work would go bye bye.

So, after looking for spyware, viruses, even getting my computer swapped with another identical one, the problem persisted. I tried it on our lead's system and the same problem. And all this time I thought it was my system.. damn it...

Anyway, long story short, I uninstalled Visual Assist X and did a painful "Rebuild All" (without Incredibuild) and the problem finally went away.

I miss VisualAssist, but I'm happy that I'm not entirely lost without it, the only thing I truly miss is that thing that lets you open a file quickly by typing in the name of the file, that and the button to open a corresponding .h/.cpp file... everything else was just a cherry on top.


Oh yea, and for the record, DirectInput's force feedback code is crappy and poorly documented... I'm really surprised MS never released a small library of commonly used force feedback effects. Something like "bullets", "idle car", "chainsaw", etc. Instead I gotta sit here and try to mathematically come up with what I think an effect would feel like... great fun.
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Crap that's a horrible bug. What version of Visual Studio are you using? I'd call up WholeTomato and yell at them to fix that post haste.

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Did you mail your DirectInput force feedback library idea to directx@microsoft.com?

If you didn't, and don't intend to, tell me and I'll try to contact someone about it.

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No, I didn't email it, I wasn't aware they had an email setup for suggestions.

Ideally, MS would release a small tool that allows you to author the FX visually and just dump them out to a file. But at least having a small library of common FX would be incredibly helpful, imagine you want to create an effect to simulate a train going down the tracks near you, you could take an "idle car" effect and start tweaking it from there.

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If you look at some of the older sdk versions there is the force editor, which is better then nothing.

Uploaded it:

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