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GameDev Community Project

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I'm currently fleshing out some ideas to bring a comunity project to gamedev. To develop a game from support of people at gamedev as a tutorial for the site. Still fleshing out the idea, then going to talk around to some of the admins to gauge they're reaction. If they're combined expereince is too pesimestic I'll drop it.

Generally, the project would take willing members of the comunity from the profesionals/wise/talented to just above the newbie level. Anyone who understands the basic concepts of programming, and wants to help is free too, but there will be some sort of barrier to entry. basic knowledge of logic, math, how to properly handle memory, some basic data structures (can program a linked list, probably don't know what red/black tree or details on hash tables).

I'm planning on doing the project in C++ but even that is open to debate. I personally see C++ being the primary language for game developement, even if it isn't newbie friendly. Possibly vaild suggestions as I see it currently are, C++, C#, Java. Definite no's in my mind are, Pascal, Fortran, Qbasic, DarkBasic, Cobol, Logo, Lisp. No web languages. No obscure languages (Whitespace, Brain F*cK)

I'm also planning on how to include the art community, and maybe if there is a serious lack of art people here (which is generally how i precieve this site) maybe going to another source, DeviantArt is a possible suggestion, but they're the "evil" empire to some people. So if you have a suggestion for places to find artists wishing to get they're hands dirty doing some game art, suggest in the comments, or you are an artist let me know how you feel.

Also still up in the air is what type of game. RPG/FPS/etc. I'm thinking a 3d game of some sort to allow for the project to adapt to newer goals if we actually hit an inital (but yet undetermined) set of goals. (Want to keep the "pros" intrested so giving them room to experiment is something I'm keeping in mind)

The current platform I'm thinking this will be for is Win32, with a design that allows for not insanly difficult porting to other computer systems.
Win32 because it has a heavy user base. Almost strickly for that reason, as alot of people coming to the site will be using win32 it does make sense to program for the largest base.

I'm looking for constructive feedback, and if you feel compelled votes for the following.
-Programmming Language
-Type of Game

Oh another thing, very important. Ownership. Current Plan
-CODE all code will be viewable by anyone, and will entered into the public domain (with no comercial limitaions, but it is provided with out warrenty.)
-ART/MUSIC all art/music copyrights will be retained by the artist contributing it, under the agreement that they are allowing the project to use them free of charge, and that these works may be distrubuted along with the product. Agreement for downloading project will include limitation that Art and Music can not be used w/o artist's consent. All art/music will be credited, so you can be contacted by people intrested in buying/using the art/music
-STORY this is hazy, as it would be very hard to specifiy owernship as a story is evolved, please give suggestions below.
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It is a cool idea, but it's so hard to divide up any kind of project so much. You'll need some strict leadership (people arguing about what should be done is no good), but it's a cool idea. Basically I see "Lets make a templated container class" as a thread title, and people work on it within there.. The game could be a collection of these kinds of threads started by a couple of the main programmers.

Even so, it seems like it might be hard to actually finish things because of people wanting to do it different ways. It's a cool idea if executed correctly though.

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After talking with Fruny for a bit on IRC, I'm considering on how to restructure the project. As more a group project, with one of the goals being a code compelete project, that's commented, coupleded with tutorials as a learning tool for new people.

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