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Is it just me or is trying to get a project registered on Sourceforge like zipping down your flies and crawling for 2 miles across broken glass?

I supplied a decent description of my project and got the "you will be answered within 2 days" canned response. So they decide that my description wasn't adequate and asked for more details (which incidentally were already in the original description). So I gave them a large text to describe what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. Now I waited 2 days to get another canned response saying I'm 'low priority' and will be answered within 5 working days. I mean WTF....

If it's that hard to get a project registered I wonder why there's no example descriptions and such. Canned responses to enquiries genuinely piss me off; especially when your enquiry isn't 'general' and is actually specific to your problem. Ah well...

So I bought The Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling. I'm hoping it's going to be an enjoyable book; victorian-era cyber punk has got to be cool, right?
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I've registered a total of three projects with sourceforge, all of their replies were within two days... I just didn't ever get around to updating my projects on their site.

I was doing mostly PHP stuff, and they registered me with a description like 'A PHP RPG map editor.'

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Hmmm, from H_o_p_s reply, I'd guess that maybe you gave them too much information. [grin]

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I didnt have any problems getting my project registred either, I think it took about 2 days and was approved with no problems, you must be a tad unlucky [sad]

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I've registered a couple of projects on SF (none of which actually got anywhere) with rather vague descriptions and never had any problems. I guess they must be tightening up.

Oh and I read the Difference Engine a little while ago, it's a pretty good book.

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1. It is easy to get onto Sourceforge. Just write a paragraph or so outlining exactly the things they wrote about in the documentation.

2. Difference Engine rocks.

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