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Wheee new toy!! (Part I)

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Well my Viewsonic Nextvision N5 arrived today in the mail and it's almost all set up

I had to cut so many new holes into the back of my desk in order to run all these new wires, and I'm pretty much out of plugs too on both my power strips!

Okay so I have one left.

There are two major problems already however. The first is that the monitor cable that came with the N5 was too short to reach the output on my laptop - if only it were on the other side... but anyways this forced me to get an extension cable. Either the cable is just not of good quality or the distance is just too great for the N5's processor, but my monitor has ghosting - just enough to be borderline annoying and unnoticable. So I'm going to have to try another cable to see if that works. A shorter one, perhaps. The other problem is that the audio cable running from my PC to the N5 is bad - I hope. It creates this low buzzing noise in my speakers. I'm hoping it's the cable and not the N5 - if it is the N5 hopefully there's some sort of audio switchbox I can use in order to bypass the N5's audio in.

So hopefully I can clear up those two flaws. I need to get an A/V switch as well for my GC and N64.

I hooked them both up to test them and they work fine - the only thing is that the interpolation on the LCD monitor is downright horrible. I totally forgot about that. So things are a bit... fuzzy. I also need to hook up the TV cable still - waiting for my friend to come over so we can split the cable downstairs and route it up to my room.

So I got it - but it's only like... kinda cool right now. Hopefully I'll report back with some good news. Till then...
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With all those cords and power strips, you're either a fire waiting to happen or are hopefully keeping a flashlight handy for heading to the fuse box!

But since you are on the East coast, you may enjoy those toe warming flames during the winter months.

Nice toy by the way!

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