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I've been TPed!!!!

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I'm currently living in a basement that I'm renting while I'm at college... my housemate evidently had someone who thought that it was worth their time to toilet paper the house.... Regrettably he is already gone for the weekend, making it so that I had to go out and pick all of it up... I know it was for him because there was a letter attachted to the door reading: 'Jay, you let us down and now you pay the price. DT + JE'.

I'm assuming that they are some local kids that he somehow betrayed... either way, he wasn't home so GOOD TIMING YOU LITTLE SHITES!
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Or try to track down these kids and toilet paper their houses with a note: "Jay's not home, you little pieces of shit. Scram"

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>You should have just left it for him.

Nah, it is currently raining... meaning if I were to leave it up, there would be a HUGE mess... didn't take much more than fifteen minutes to clean up anyway.

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You should've gone and "relocated" it from outside the house to inside his room, leave him a note in the style of couriers "We tried to deliver a package, but you were out at the time" [lol]


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