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So now what?

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Michael Tanczos


I've decided that I wanted to use this to log a few of the things that have happened with the update we published last week.

Here were a few of the things that were changed:

  • Updated registration and profile modification to accept city, region, country
  • Added "Member map"
  • Added message previewing. As of now I'm fairly happy with how it works on Firefox and IE, which are the two browsers we are most apt to focus on. Firefox has some issues with the post form when the text size is increased, however. I'll have to check into this
  • Added paging to PM inbox. Seems much better than having a huge pm list
  • Fixed bug that caused high re-ratings to hurt a person's rating
  • Small less noteworthy bugs here and there

In regards to the member map. There are a few things that can be updated/changed, but overall it looks pretty good right now. I personally think we're going to need higher detail maps when we reach the highest zoom levels. I don't really have boundary shapefiles for the entire world however.

I'm pretty certain, though, that I will be able to put maps of specific select countries onto the member map for the future along with some major cities and such.

Behind the scenes we are coding a lot more than is apparent, I can guarantee. We always have something in the pipeline.
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Thanks for the update - always like new toys, especially that xcom style member map [grin]

Just a quick question though:

Fixed bug that caused high re-ratings to hurt a person's rating

That's good [smile] but what happens now? does it just "adapt" and still let you increase another persons rating? or is it just clamped at 0 so that you can't accidentally decrease a rating?


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It's clamped. Basically, the reasonable solution for me was that if you gave the same rating as last time.. then don't reduce the rating as a result. The rating reduce comes from the target ratee having increased in rating since they were originally rated.

Michael Tanczos

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hey Tanczos . . . . wanted to talk to you a little . . . . drop me an email at ChristopherPetty[at]gmail[dot]com . . . trying to keep away the spam . . . .


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