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OpenGL Window Framework Beta1.1.1 - The bug fix!

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So, after my 5 hours of coding yesterday I noticed today a slight bug with how the 'resize' event worked.

For better or worse the window has to track its current position so that it could restore its old position when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode. Now this is all well and good but the resize event uses some other code to force the window to resize and update the internal flags. This code however relied on knowing the old window position (as its the code for changing from fullscreen to/from windowed mode) which defaults to zero, so I had to add some code to handle the 'move' event to update the position of the window so that it all worked properly.

The practical upshot is that the user can now trap the 'move' event as well as request and set the window position.

I'll have to make some more examples showing the 'move' and 'resize' events in action.
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