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Sweet mother of business

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Man have I ever been busy lately.
I am currently working my butt off on the new osdever.net site, that will have two other sites merging with it, IntegraMOD, and in a few weeks I'll be doing some work for an Insurance Agency's website. :)

I would post a link to the osdever site, but full sql injection filters aren't completely done.

The insurance agency's site is: gross-ins.com

In other news, I am officially addicted to subversion, it's the best freaking thing since the invention of the computer.
I also party hardy, like last night. [grin]

My site is also back up. :)

Also found 2 more local geeks, that's an accomplishment in Kentucky. [wink] One's dad owns a computer store, and the other is a WoW player that's actually not a guy, which makes that even odder...
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You know, you have the coolest journal I have ever seen! Excelent work! I'm going to have to start reading it now [wink]

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