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Introducing the DirectX section

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Right, so my first proper thing here...

I spent all of last night tweaking the various parts of my Journal - as you can see, I now have a menu-bar on the LHS. I haven't gotten around to much more than planning what I want to put in...

One of the things I want to experiment with - and I'm not sure it'll work yet - is to include some thoughts on DirectX development.

From a technical standpoint, it's the DirectX forums that I spend a lot of time in on this site. By no fault of the people that post there, I've seen a lot of similar questions and themes. I'm thinking that I might take some of these as-and-when they next pop-up and elaborate on them. Fingers crossed it my prove to be a useful resource for some people...

On another note.. if all goes according to plan, I should be off to Winchester for an all-afternoon and all-night drinking session. So I might well be a bit [dead] tomorrow...


PS - why isn't there an smily/icon for a pint of beer?
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Hey! Here's my belated welcome ratings ++! I like how the journal is turning out....

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Hey!!! I live in Hampshire too!!

Wonderful part of the world, isn't it [smile]

Hey! Here's my belated welcome ratings ++! I like how the journal is turning out....

Cheers - I'm still messing with the content/layout of my journal, but fingers crossed it'll turn out good [grin]


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