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Plans plans plans

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Thanks for the kind words regarding Duck Tiles. I'll keep plugging away with it. I know it's a good game. Perhaps not enough to justify the ridiculous amount of time I've spent with it, but I know it's good.

If you're out there and still wanna try it out and gimme feedback, email john@thecodezone.com. Thus far, everybody who's tried it has liked it on some level. Some folks aren't too enamored with pure logic puzzles, but I haven't yet had anyone say "I just don't like it", and that's something.

Next up is the new Uber-Bulldozer. I still need to make a back-end for my Flash-based bulldozer editor, so I can do another level design-contest like I did with Duck Tiles. I'll probably make the prize a fully decked-out XBox 360. When are those things coming out anyway? Is there a ship date?

Bulldozer's got quite a head start on Duck Tiles, as I've already got 180 levels written (Bulldozer 1, 2, and the unreleased 3). If I'm pleasantly surprised like I was with the Duck Tiles contest and get a couple-hundred usable levels from a contest, I figure I'll have the biggest and best Sokoban-knockoff on the planet.

After that, I think I'm going to revisit that Kidstation Feuerwehr game I did a while back. I think the idea's got real possibilities, and if I could put together about a hundred levels and a Duck-Tilesesque level browser on it, it could be as good as Bulldozer or Duck Tiles. I just hope that the model is robust enough to make puzzles that are increasingly devilish, and I don't "hit the wall" after 20 levels.

I also want to modify Ernest's Bee Game to support increasingly difficult "canned" puzzles rather than just random puzzles of increasing difficulty, coupled with the ability to make custom shaped boards. Again, with the Duck Tiles-style level browser.

(and I paid Ernie for the rights for his bee game, so don't look at me like I'm some kind of thief)

Then I'll put up some games that are away from the "puzzles of increasing difficulty" motif. I've got a modified ChemHex in mind. I've got a Jetlag knockoff mostly written. I've also got Olive Wars and Voracity and Brain Bones mostly done in Flash, and they could serve as some filler.

That'd be 8 games. Four "top shelf" titles and four smaller ones.

Idea: Have a 100-level version of Voracity. Levels wouldn't increase in difficulty and would be random, but would be the same from game to game and installation to installation (i.e. level five on my machine be exactly the same as level five on somebody else's machine). As you play levels, the system updates a "grand total score", which is a total of scores of all 100 levels added together. If you replayed a level and got a better score than the last time you played it, it'd record your high score for that level and would update the grand total accordingly. Then people could do a real apples-apples comparison of scores, like "I just increased my grand total score to 20,048 because I replayed level twenty and got 248 points on it!"

In case you haven't figured it out, I use my journal to record personal ideas. I think I read my own journal more than anyone else does. The worst paper is better than the best memory.
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