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My cousin sent me this pic from a long-ass time ago. Brought back all sort of memories, of good times and of sad times. (See you another day, Justin). willystickman, you rock bro.

Yar, I was an ugly little pud, and yar that is a Noid T-shirt. Wish I still had it. [grin]
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It's just a good thing everyone lives a long way away from me right now, or I would get my ass kicked for posting that photo in public.

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That one definetly makes me feel old. It is a pretty good picture though. I'm pretty sure it's at 5 springs. It reminds me that I have always been extrememly good looking and humble. Yeah right. We'd have beat the Goonies into gibbering piles of viscera! I heard JD was gonna be back this summer? Anyways, have a good one bro!

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Aww! I just found some picutres of me from when I was in like 2nd grade. I still look the exact same! I'll be making some scans of them later on [wink] Neato!

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