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Work 0, Personal Projects 1

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Rob Loach


Sadly there hasn't been no news as to the work situation. But that means that I've had time to work on my own personal projects. No, not the asteroids clone, ProcessProtect. It's my first attempt at a useful program in C#.

It's main goal is to pretty much moniter your system. You can end multiple process at once as well as add them to the "black list" where if they pop up on your system again, it will automatically end them for you. Still working on it with a friend, but we expect it to be done in the next two weeks. You can download the current test here. Any other ideas of what to add in there would be helpful. A system tray icon would be good.

In other news, I've completely re-vamped robloach.net. It now uses e107 for its backend. It took some time to produce, but I like the outcome. I decided to drop rWeb and the SDL tutorials as they just became so out of date. I hope to get out some new articles and projects out there as well. You probably also noticed the new Blastoids page [smile].

Now, I plan on eating some food, sending some e-mails and then fooling around with Direct3D in C#... So have fun!

Random Interest

- click image -
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I like the idea of 'blacklists' for a process manager... Maybe a good feature would be to have a 'whitelist' where those are the only applications that are allowed to use X% of the cpu?

Also, I love that random interest pic!

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What does her shirt say? It's all like in this funny language or something.

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It says she wants to have _Sex_ with H_o_p_s.


It does.


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Hmmmm, I don't know what her shirt says. I posted that image because I like the picture of the guy on her calender in the background .

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Your site layout is totally borked on IE6 :(

Looks good on FF though; why did you decide to quit working on rWeb?

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Thanks for the notice. I did a bunch of work on it and I think it's fixed now. The sub menu isn't working anymore though.... ARGH!.... Looks pretty though.

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I need to have a discussion with her. Do you have her phone number somewhere? That's because the text is written too small, and I can't read it. Or something like that.

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