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Structures done

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At the beginning of the last month (April) I set a deadline for myself, to finish the structures by the end of the month.
The objective wasn't to finish 100% of the code, as this is impossible, due to the fact that some small portions of code are dependent on other routines I didn't write yet.
But they are done in a proportion of 90%
By some sort of amazing cosmic coincidence, I DID finish everything that I wanted to do yesterday at 23:59 and 30 seconds :)
But I didn't have time to test everything yesterday, so today I did some tests and, as expected, there were a few bugs in the structures code, bugs that were addresses fast. However, there were some other bugs in other sections of the code (client didn't save the maps properly). So today I had to spend about 6 hours fixing bugs in something that was supposed to be bug free about 30 times so far. I won't venture into an afirmation that there are no bugs there, but so far there were no more crashes.
I have decided to change the way we are storing the lights, to allow a less flexibe but much more optimal layout. Basically, rather than storing them as r,g,b values (plus others variables such as ficker, ect.) we'll give them the same treatment as the other type of objects, where we store their definition in an array, and we only send the index of that array.
But I am busy with other things now, so I'll wait for someone else to implement that.

I am taking a herbal suplement, called Ginkgo Biloba, which is supposed to increase your ability to focus (among other things, such as promoting pheripherial blood circulation).
I don't know if this is just some placebo effect, but I was able to focus slightly better lately, which helped in finishing this deadline.

Next thing on my todo list is to work at some city related code, such as, for example, starting to build a city and so on. then as I will work at that code, I have to come up with an idea on how to store the NPCs and some other annoying problems I don't have an answer for.
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Congratulations on reaching your goal! I'm sure the extra focus power is just a sign of your personal growth.

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I wouldn't rally call it personal growth, as I was far more productive in terms of coding a year or two ago.
Anyway, apparently there are still bugs in the map saving/loading on the client. At least now I put some checks so the client won't crash, but there are some issues with ghosted items (items that are not there but they are there).
Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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You luck SOB, you got something done today. I spent about ~6 hours today trying to fix some code and I made it worse.

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