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Some work

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The textbox currently displayed will turn into the listbox, with the actual textbox differing largely only in that font colors will be supported and the selection will be specific to the character.

The fps is so low due to a number of issues primarily including my old laptop video card and immature passes at certain functionality (it doesn't go too fast with just about nothing on the screen so...). I'll need to profile and refactor at some point. Drawing text seems to be very slow with glut for some reason. I've not used it much outside of my encounter with it this year in Python so I really can't comment on that just yet. I may try to integrate the pyGame font handling code.

Hmmm. At fullscreen it runs at ~80fps. I believe I've read that SDL (the underbelly of pyGame) is relatively slow when windowed so perhaps that is one aspect of this issue.
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Haha, thanks. It's just a frame without a titlebar with a tested layout manager (which I'm ditching... I see no need for resizable frames at this time). I used that to create the numbered frames so I could test runtime addition/removal of frames and other widgets.

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aye I had lots of nightmares fun implementing my windowing engine, it's not that bad once you get the hang of how the windowing environment is supposed to act.

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