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I spent half the day studying. The other half of it I spent arguing about discussing Vietnam and the damn definition of a Hero... I was amazed on how often my rating went up and down the last two days. Last night it was somewhere in the range of 1320, 4-5pm today it was around 1340, and now I'm back down to 1326. It is quite interesting to watch the anonymous rate me for my beliefs [grin]

My flute choir has a concert tomorrow, so all of you are welcome to come alright? Free tickets even! Just PM me and I'll get them to you [smile] Berklee Performance Center, Boston, 150 Mass Ave. Not that I expect any of you to come. I'll see about recording it for your hearing torture pleasure.


That is all.


I have a new avatar for this month... really different, eh?

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I've been watching the hero thread, havent said anything in it. mostly because I grow weary of arguing constantly in such threads. I agree a great deal with much of what you said in there, and therefore rated you up, not based just on that, but also on the fact that you were willing to stand and argue for what you believed when it would be simpler to shrug and walk away - like I have begun to do at times.

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Yeah, usually I don't get into those discussions, but I was bored from studying too much [smile]

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