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I demand tribute!

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So, here's what's happened lately.

I finished my calculus course, but not well enough to move onto the next one. I'm going to bug the prof because I finished just under; perhaps he will adjust the mark (but I doubt it).

I have been playing videogames since my exams ended, because I can't seem to find a job. Final Fantasy 7 keeps blue-screening my XP box (hint to developers: This is unacceptable. This should never happen. Ever.)

I bought a DVD burner, so I can burn things to DVD (shock).

I am considering writing new code, but can't seem to get up the enthusiasm for it. Maybe later.
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FF7 doesn't BSOD my XP box. EVER. Of course, I've downloaded patches. Damned if I can remember where I got them, though.

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Well, it's crashing on nv4_disp.dll

My wager is that my fuckery wrt RivaTuner has bollocked the little XP machine, either that or the game doesn't like that I have a dual CPU rig.

Updating to 71.89 appears to have solved the problem; I played for two hours from the escape of Shinra to the Condor fort. No crash.

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