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Just... fuck it all (teh end)

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I'm giving up on programming. I've been working with C++ for the past 6 months, and I have absolutely NOTHING to show for it. Its kind of a sad end to years of coding, but I guess I need an extended break... I'm actually starting to question whether I should study CS at all.

Whatever. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has worked in a long time. Whether its because of ill-conceived ideas on my part (I'm a shitty coder) or some obsure problem that causes my code to crash on ONLY my system...

So I've decided to fuck it all. I'm done with it. Yeah, I'll probably still lurk around GDNET occasionally (I paid for it, after all), but whatever.

Yeah, I'm sure you're all thinking "he'll come crawling back in 6 weeks" and you're probably right. I get bored as shit pretty easily. But you know what? I'm to the point where I can't even code a fucking pong clone, whether its with SDL, DX, console, anything. Just... everything possible goes wrong.

So I'm finally taking the hint. Guess I should have picked up on it sooner. I fail at life.

The end.
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Yeah, I'm sure you're all thinking "he'll come crawling back in 6 weeks" and you're probably right
I'll bet it is less than that... Besides, if your not a CS student what will you major in?

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Maybe you should take a step back? Try coding in a different language or try doing something like sprite design/music for games instead. After all if you're just stuck with the code taking a CS course will put you on the right track.

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It sounds kindof dumb to me. In the first 6 months I started C++, I took all of my time to learn the language then to try to make things immedietly. When I did try to make text games, they failed miserably, but I never gave up. Also, there are other languages besides C++. I know you've usen VB, so why don't you work more with that if your so eager to get back to making games.

If you still feel this way, I will have to show you my horrible pong game, which was the only game I could make for 6 months. And trust me, you definetly don't want to play my pong clone. It makes babies cry.


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