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Entry #fuckitall part deux

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Anyway, I took a shower, played some games (and failed miserably in all of them) and thought about why the hell nothing works, and I inevitably came to the same conclusion that Stompy came to - I rushed through everything way too fast.

I mean, six months is not nearly enough to get from console crap through SDL and onto DX. It just isn't. It took me three years to get to my peak in VB, why should I expect so much of myself so soon?

Problem with going back to VB is that I lost my whole code base. Everything. Forever. That and I've forgotten how to code in VB (efficiently, at least). Thankfully I have all of the executables on my FTP still (like this one).

So my decision was, ultimately, to abandon everything I've written thus far and start anew. Going to skip console apps because those are, frankly, boring, and move onto SDL. I'll probably spend the rest of the year playing with it, hopefully I'll be able to build up a nice-sized code base.

Inevitably, I may not be able to go back to DX before its reincarnation with Longhorn - all the Uni graphics courses are taught with OGL, so having a DX codebase would be somewhat pointless compared to having an OGL one (even if OGL is icky disgusting, and crude... my, how Microsoft has biased my views)

So yeah, H_O_P_S, that was what? 2 hours? I really am hopeless, aren't I? [headshake]
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Glad to hear it.

I've been programming for well over a year, and I still don't understand any of DX, and trust me, I've tried to understand it. I use Allegro personally, which is very nice.

By the way, I'm glad I didn't have to unleash my pong clone.[grin]

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